Kiev Nightlife Safe Tips for Foreigners

Kiev Nightlife Tips for the fascinating capital of Ukraine can be a tricky place for foreigners. Well. Our advice for foreigners to have safe and the most enjoyable fun in the City. By the way, the City full of luxury nightclubs, great bars, and beautiful ladies. Also, hot Eastern Europian boys are generally loving, especially American ladies. So, it offers the best leisure time in Kiev. So then, whenever you’re in Kiev or Ukraine, You should explore nightlife without any argument. After all, one thing in your mind. Safety is the most. 

Safety First Kiev Nightlife Tips for Foreigners

Well, I have been to Kive a few times and bang up a few ladies in the City and around Ukraine already. Therefore, I have some experience of nightlife scam in the City. Also, what type of problem foreigners are facing. 


Please, better you to keep around USD 200 with you for a full night out. Well, If you hold more cash with you, you may spend on hookers.

Credit Cards

Leave credits card or debit cards in the room. If not, you may get too much money out of the machine. Book your taxi online like UBER or UKLON. Well, don’t get any taxi sitting on the street because those taxies are more expensive than one in America.


Keep your passport with you all the time. Choose your dress with a nice pocket to keep your document safe. If there any incidents, the identification documents make you safer. By the way, Police in Ukraine has changed so much over the years. They are getting training in the European Union, and Ukranian Police cooperative with tourists. Also, you may still face the Ukraine language barrier.

Mobile Phone

Listed as number one lost item during a night out around the world. Make sure to keep your money, mobile phone, and passport very safely in your inner pocket.

Kiev Nightlife TipsConversation

Building a conversation with an unknown drink man can be a disaster. Especially, Eastern Europian men. Ladies are very peaceful and sexy.


Better not to involve gambling events. Bye the way, most gambling is illegal in Ukraine.

Kiev Nightlife Tips – Casual Hook-Up

Well, you’re a single man and looking for a hooker or a local lady. Next, make sure she is by herself or with a bunch of ladies. Most Eastern Europian boys are aggressive and well trained in the Military. After all, You may need plastic surgery very next morning, and it can be the more costly at the end but no pussy. Also, many hookers are hanging around all nightlife hot spots. After all, she is about your money but love.

Payment in the Club or Restaurants

First, you make sure to check your bills correctly. Somehow, most clubs are very secure, also restaurants. But overcharges could happen. Most importantly, don’t leave your credit card out of your sight.

At ATM Transections

Especially when you’re on streets at ATM, take a look around you. By the way, Eastern Europeans are brilliant scammers and financial scams very high. If the ATM is looking unusual, don’t use your card on that ATM because of many ATM‘s have frauds over the years.

Drinking Limitations

Alcohol can be your best mate, also the worst enemy. Well, the biggest problem, you may not get any travel insurance if anything happened under the influence of alcohol.

Kiev Nightlife TipsDrinks

Please pay special attention to your drink. Please don’t leave it without your awareness or don’t drink from someone without knowing. Well, there were few incidents drugs related in Kiev. Unfortunately, some organized crime groups, drug tourists, and getting Ransome with police.

Be positive

All the advice we have given you a general, and you already know it. Well, be positive and enjoy your Kiev Nightlife with Kyiv hot girls, Ukrainian girls. Hookers or Kiev Sex Girls can be expensive in kiev.

How to Make Good Time in Kiev

Well, my personal opinion only. I do always hire a local guide when I do nightlife tour. I was with Alex nightlife tour Guide in Kiev. She was a great one and showed me all I need in the City.

Kiev Nightlife Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Nightout 

  • Get a Local Guide
  • Don’t pick the taxi side of the road
  • Don’t pick street prostitutes 
  • Book Kiev Sex friendly and girls friendly Hotels 
  • Responsibly use of alcohol 
  • Don’t build an argument with Local
  • Carefully approached to ladies in the clubs
  • Keep in mind your documents, mobile phone, and ATM cards
  • Careful ATM transaction in the street. 

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