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Turkey Climate-Clothing

Turkey Climate-Clothing


The Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey are quite warm and dry, with temperatures reaching anywhere from 30-35 C in summer months and averages usually around 5 C in winter months. The Marmara region around Istanbul is quite similar, but temperature can usually dip below 0 degrees in the winter.

The Black Sea region of Turkey experiences the most rainfall with a very humid climate. Summer months are usually around 25 C and winter months around 10 C.

Eastern and northeastern regions of Anatolia experience many months with snow, usually from November till the end of April. Temperatures can dip below -20 C in the winter and usually average below 20 C in the summer. If you are visiting in late autumn and winter months, be sure to bring rain wear and an umbrella.  See accurate weather


What do you know about Turkey Climate-Clothing

Bring cold weather clothes, including warm coats, sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves for the winter. In the summer, lightweight, breathable clothes are the most comfortable in the oppressive heat.

Light colors are most comfortable in the hot sun, and a wide-brimmed hat helps keep the sun off your face. In spring and fall, plan to wear a few layers to shed or pile on as the weather changes. A waterproof hooded jacket is useful in case of sudden rain, and a windbreaker is nice to have in the cold, blustery breezes coming off the Bosporus.

A lot of your time in Istanbul is likely to be spent walking around, so comfortable, broken-in shoes are a must. Open-toed shoes are acceptable for men and women in the summer, as are athletic shoes and smart casual shoes. In the winter, sturdy boots are often easier to get around in when the sidewalks are icy or wet.

High-heeled shoes can be challenging because many of Istanbul’s sidewalks are uneven, cobbled or poorly paved, which makes it easy to misstep or twist an ankle. Bring some flip flops if you plan to use a hamam (Turkish bath) or hotel pool, or you might be expected to wear used sandals provided by the management.


All of the aforementioned seas of Turkey are vibrant tourist locations for the beautiful beaches, fishing and resorts. Turkey is also a hidden location for great skiing trips.

The closest ski town to Istanbul will be in Bursa, home of the majestic Mount Uludag. Palandoken Mountain (located in the Erzurum province of northeast Turkey), Kartepe (located in the Kocaeli province of Turkey, a few hours northeast of Bursa) and Sarikamis (located in the Kars province of northeast Turkey close to Erzurum) are all popular winter destinations.