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Indonesia Visa Information

Indonesia Visa Information!

All travellers to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months after arrival and (return) tickets proving onward passage. Some immigration officials will require six blank passport pages, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Visitors from countries not approved as either visa-free or eligible for visa-on-arrival must obtain a 30-day tourist visa from their local Indonesian embassy or consulate before entering Indonesia.

  • Visa-free: Visitors from the following  countries automatically receive a 30-day visa permit free upon arrival in Indonesia: Brunei, Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Singapore , Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Visa-on-arrival: Regulations are constantly changing. At the present time, 65 countries have been approved for visa-on-arrival (voa). Currently the fees are US$10 for 7 days or US$25 for 30 days. It is recommended that you check with your local Indonesian embassy or consulate in advance of travelling for current regulations.

The visa-on-arrival can be extended one time for a maximum 30 days and cannot be converted into a different visa. The only way to stay longer than the allotted time of your visa is to leave the country and come back in again.

The nearest place for doing so is Singapore. Alternatively, it may be wise to apply for a 60-day visa at an Indonesian embassy or consulate before arriving in Indonesia. For further information, check the

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All of the main embassies and consulates are located in the capital of Indonesia, with some consular offices located in Bali.

General Indonesia Visa Information add Globally 

Smart traveller always finds out about Visa Information and requirements before their departure:

As we all know, your passport is your most important travel document while you’re travelling.  Any  legal travellers from any countries must have a passport valid usually for minimum of 6 more months before leaving their home country. (Passport Validity depends on the destination country Immigration requirements)


Pre Visa checklist, such as:  Your Passport condition, validity of the passport,  Pre visa or ET authorization or on arrival  ( some Eastern European countries, African as well as South American countries may have  different Immigration Laws applied  on border crossing),  Extra passport size images, Photocopy of the Passport & all other Photo IDs. photocopy or scan and saved of your Citizenship or Birth certificate etc.