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Indonesia Health-Emergency

Indonesia Health-Emergency!

Travel vaccination is a highly effective method of preventing certain infectious diseases from different countries while your on holiday . Vaccines are generally very safe and effective.  

Indonesia does not have a health insurance programme or pension system that serves the whole population. Indonesians who are not covered by any government social security programmes pay for health care out of pocket. Tourists and foreign residents do not need to have medical insurance to enter Indonesia; however, they are not covered by government-sponsored health care.

Generally, expatriates are insured through their employer’s health insurance, or they have private health insurance. Tourists must have medical coverage from their home country, or pay cash for medical treatment.
Yellow fever vaccinations are required if you (6 days)(not immediately available)  will be passing through an infected area. Check with your home GP regarding vaccinations for other ailments such as typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A and B. Also check the WHO website for health updates insurance.

  Indonesia Health-Emergency Contacts

  • Ambulance and Rescue 118
  • Fire 113
  • Medical Emergencies 119
  • Tourist Police (Bali)  (0361) 754 599 / (0361) 224 111
  • Tourist Police (Jakarta) (021) 526 4073.

General for Indonesia  Indonesia Health-Emergency and Globally.  

As far as we know, travelling overseas can be exciting and a most rewarding experience. Experiencing different places, unfamiliar cultures & customs, language barriers, social isolation & staying away from the family and often friends..  This all can increase  anxiety and  the potential risk of revealing existing bad mental health conditions.

Travellers are in general responsible for their own well being by behaving. They are also responsible for their safe return home as well as all other unexpected expenses they might find along the way.

There are few steps all travellers should follow:  precautions such as  Travel insurance, Planning, destination choice and, most importantly, knowing how to get help from overseas.      


Travellers are  always on the move  & wavelength. Also,  may hooked up with  a some stranger just because  you really like, ticking off the countries & cities you have tasted or  the other way around. Travellers don’t always get to love everyone.


  • Always use condoms. Don’t ever trust pills even if, contraception is more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.   Male and female both parties should  care  condoms.
  • Don’t ever use someone lubricants, it may  occur cross-contamination STD
  • Be careful when  having sex on private beaches, camping ground or any remote places,  especially where culturally huge differences comparison to West culture.