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Indonesia Climate-Clothing

Indonesia Climate-Clothing!

Indonesia has a wet season from October till April and a dry season from May to around September. During both of these seasons, temperatures average around 28 °C during the day.

Sumatra’s climate is a bit different, where it can rain from October to January in the north, and January to February in the south. Sulawesi, with its uncanny geographical shape, is also an outlier; monsoon season will persist from October to March in south-west regions with most rain falling in the north in June and July, and with a dry season between August and October.

What do you know about Indonesia Climate-Clothing

The ideal time to visit Indonesia is between May and September. Even during these months, it may only rain for a few hours a day and of course the locals have adapted to the conditions, so it is business as usual.

Tourists tend not to visit during monsoon season, because of weather and travel concerns. Rough seas could prevent a planned island getaway and undriveable roads could alter other travel plans.

Other regions such as Bali and Kalimantan experience a minimal difference between the two seasons and are not significantly affected by the contrast.

The stark contrast usually develops as you head towards the Nusa Tenggara region, which is towards the Pacific and east of Bali. In this region, dry season can mean water droughts and the wet season can invite torrential downpours with flooding.

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As with many destinations, Indonesia gets cooler in some regions at higher altitudes, so do pack some layers if you know you will be visiting these higher altitudes.  Indonesia is a little too far off the equator to experience large scale storms.

Monsoon winds sound harsh and devastating, but they are typically moderate and predictable. The main concerns pertain to the fast, ocean currents in the straits between islands. The waters around Indonesia are warm, and humidity ranges between 70-90%.

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