“I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS, NOT A RIDE. “The most powerful collections of words in the 21st century. As soon as peaceful Ukrainian President Zelensky refused, the US offered a free flight to The USA, including his family, close politicians, and high-ranking military officers. However, Simultaneous reactions from President Zelensky to the USA. “I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS, NOT A RIDE” Since then, Ukraine has beaten the new world order formed by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela.  


Indeed, Yes, These seven most potent words redirected the entire world where it was supposed to be many years ago. 

Simultaneous of those seven most incredible words

One of the world’s most peaceful nations and its President Zelensky has been bulled by a corrupted powerhouse for many years in Modern political history. However, Killing innocent Ukrainians by Russians goes back 100 years or even before. Fortunately, a Miracle happened. 

Who is Honorable The President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy

The president was born to Jewish parents, and a significant factor was his father, Oleksandr Zelenskyy, a computer scientist who specialized in cybersecurity and was also a well-known Author. Also, the mum has been working as an engineer in classified Innovative technologies projects under the USSR. Surprisingly, one of President Zelenskyy’s grandfathers served in the Red Army and reached Colonel rank in the infantry rifle brigade. However, The President was a well-known comedian and became President but was very unpopular incidentally; since the war began, his popularity worldwide increased.  

The most powerful words in the 21st century are “I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS.” NOT A RIDE. 

Remarkably, in any order, such as a list of numbers, a single piece to lose or behavioral, Creational, and the structure of the patterns depends on quality, not the quantity or numbers. Thanks to the Corrupted Putin helped Ukrainians filter the remarkable self-style commanding leader and high-quality brave leadership to a Brighter Ukrain future. Not only that, His leadership offered great foundations for entire Eastern Europe, the Baltic as well as Western World.    

Unlocked Genetical Power of Ancestors I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS.” NOT A RIDE. 

The person’s DNA keeps recorded throughout human civilization to the future. However, Copied carbon prints from your ancestors would activate from time to time—also, genetic sequence energy holding and contained genetic memory which can unlock through our unique biomagnetic field. Finally, the time comes; it is unfolded for good.  

Powerful and Peaceful Ukrainian President Zelensky unlocked his hidden GENETIC CONGENITAL talent and skills right time for the nation.

 Voice and Speaking Talent 

Vocal generates a unique electromagnetic pulse among most animals and plants used to transform to communicable with each other. However, according to science, a naturally motivated voice depends on the health of genetic quality. On the other hand attraction of large numbers of humans determines voice pitch. Moreover, the voice pitch is marked as the highest and lowers. However, the voice fundamentally represents the powers of physical energy during the speech or the sound expressed.

Voice Pitch

Moreover, the sound pattern fluctuates during the speech and contains the personal unique biomagnetic field. The best example is Jesus, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Buddha, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King, and President Zelenskyy. Indeed, Voice Pitch Can Influence Our Impressions of Speakers

Jewish Ancestry

According to broader research, the Jewish race is one of the most intelligent ones in the world. However, Albert Einstein noted this way “how is it that a people who never amounted even to one-third of 1 percent of the world’s population contributed so seminally to so many of its Curiosity pathbreaking ideas and innovations? Incidentally, during human evaluation, mutated a Genom has enhanced the Curiosity of some Jewish. And it has transformed through the race to create inactive intelligence.   

Fabulous Leadership quality 

President Zelensky shows more excellent leadership qualities it needs for the country and its people. Best qualities such as 

  • Effectiveness
  • Self-aware
  • Focus
  • Encourage
  •  Strategic
  • Ethical
  • Effective cultural values 
  • Effective communication
  • Transparency 

The President of Ukraine compressed his leadership into seven powerful words I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS.” NOT A RIDE. Surprisingly opposite and unlike the corrupted Afghanistan president, political power transitioned reason days.  

Western Unlocked Potential Leadership Long Waiting For

DOD, CIA, EU INTCEN, MI6, and FIS have been long waiting for geopolitically valuable leadership to be used against Russia. So naturally, Western tactics are when the enemy countries do not know what to expect. Especially the USA, The UK, and NATO have been playing a long-term diplomacy war game than the shorter. The tactics are potent but costly. The West only reacts when the enemy is weak. However, The West always makes sure to plant seeds beforehand and pour water when it needs the most. The best example is Created Azov Battalion, given minimum firepower to Ukraine other than balance power before started Russian invention. Also, The president’s education as an economist and law college experience helped him build constructive argumental speech among global leadership. But on the other hand, his comical expertise stimulated him to create long, clear communication skills.

Western Very First psychological Warfare against Russian Federation

Since the USSR collapsed, Western left Russian political and economic isolation. Notably, before the USSR crash, The USA used to share and treat Russia equally as the second global powerful partner politically and militarily. Therefore, Western Isolation leads Russia to find friendly nations and build second world order with China. Simply, Russians are looking for respect and accept Russian contribution to the world. However, I believe that Russians need to integrate into the modern world other than maintaining older traditions and repeating history. 

Moreover, Tactics are to be created through objectives to be used to achieve goals. Unbelievably, The West is always playing most intelligent than physically. Finally, “I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS, NOT A RIDE” was created based on modern warfare objectives such as 



and Trust. Today, a key player on the battlefield is  Zelensky and its army. And they are fighting for the freedom of their motherland. 

Objectives And Goals

  • Use of all Soviet-era weapons within NATO countries
  • Upgrade to Western hardware; Western Trained Military ( Same as the Middle East, Saudi, UEA, Qatar)
  • Creating clear barriers with Russia 
  • Geopolitical unrest 
  • Damage to new world order 
  • Expansion of NATO
  • Teaching a lesson to EU energy dependency on Russia 
  • Creating Western base sustainable supply and logistic 

Proven Facts

Our Republican Donald Trump always wants to go along with Russia other than create enemies because the Republican powerhouse invested in the weapons industry less than the Democratic. But on the other hand, Republicans and Trump invested in energy, real estate, and retail. So, it is crystal clear that the pressure points from the two parties. 


I WANT TO FIGHT; GIVE ME WEAPONS, NOT A RIDE, are the most powerful sentence in the 21st century and created the best possible leadership for the Ukrainian people’s freedom and to be proud of themselfHowever, Our global leader Honorable The President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, three leading leadership qualities in modern warfare encouragement, Humility, and Trust, are possible after the war? 

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