Best Countries Where Cryptocurrency Investments Are Not Taxed, CRYPTO TAX-FREE or less, And travelers can cash out legally. However, tax regulation back in your home country is still applied to your initial investment. Unless you changed residential requirements. So, I’m happy to explain and give information on “HOW TO CASH OUT CRYPTO TAX-FREE LEGALLY WHILE TRAVELLING” to make travel life easy and pay no tax when cashing out Crypto. Notably, some countries and places are tax-free for crypto assets or not a capital gain. But, on the other hand, Some locations on this blog have no legal framework for Crypto taxes. So, AS long as the exchange is trusted. Then, travelers can exchange digital currency for local currency or USD without breaking any laws. 

Best Cryptocurrencies Locations APP and Exchanges Globally

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Dubai is one of the best and safe places to cash out Crypto no tax. However, Crypto exchanges will cash you in Local UAE dirhams. But, you can convert to USD or any other foreign currency after Crypto is exchanged. Current tax law in Dubai is 0% for personal income. So, this applies to Crypto. So, even though the digital currency has no legal state in Dubai Central Bank, crypto transactions are lawful in Dubai.  

Best Crypto Exchanges in Dubai 

1 Cointral

2 Coinsfera

Emirate NDB is also a great place but a bank account required 

2# Portugal – Crypto Tax-Free Countries

Portugal in Europe has one of the most Crypto lovely taxations globally. Individual Crypto assets cash out no tax since the year 2018. However, crypto day trading is still subject to a 28% tax rate. 

 3# Switzerland – Crypto Tax-Free Countries

Moreover, Switzerland is the powerhouse for tax base traditional banking system. However, Surprisingly, the country is home to the innovative digital hub known as “Crypto Valley,” which is well similar to silicon valley in the USA. Cryptocurrency profits made by a qualified individual through investing and trading are treated as tax-exempt capital gains. In this case, Switzerland treats individual crypto assets from an investment and trading as tax-exempt capital gains.  

Ether, second largest cryptocurrency

4# Bermuda

Bermuda Islands have no proper taxable legal frameworks have developed for digital assets yet by the department of internal revenue. Also, the complexity of the geopolitical structure of those Islands. Yet to have proper institutional frameworks.    

5# El Salvador

Youngblood Mr president Nayib Bukele legalized BTC as legal tender in El Salvador, and he proposed to build Crypto a City with no taxes. Any individual income from digital assets will be no taxes to attract foreign investments to the country. 

Georgia Travel Guide

 6# Georgia – Crypto Tax-Free Countries

Georgia is located in central Asia and is one of the most peaceful places in the region. Also, the country offers 0% tax on crypto trading crypto as an individual. Furthermore, since 2019, The Ministry of Finance in Georgia said that the nature of the digital assets does not belong to any geopolitical location to charge taxes. And all digital currencies are free of annual taxes. Many Crypto exchanges are located within Capital Tbilisi as well as Old town. Also, the heavily touristic beach of Georgia, the Batumi Beach, offers many crypto exchanges during summer. Although, the country is one of the safest places in the world.  

New digital currencies or cryptocurrencies 

7# Belarus

Belarus’s President is one of the most corrupted ones in the world. However, President Alexander Lukashenko has signed new economic development bills as a law in the country. The bill calls ” Digital Economy Development.” Moreover, The country is holding popularity as the world’s very first place to legalize cryptocurrencies. And Smart contracts into local jurisdictions. Also, digital overlay assets legal frameworks of businesses based on modern blockchain technology

8# Germany

As a traveler in Europe, If you in Germany can exchange a total of Euro 600 each day without taxes. This is because under German tax law, most cryptos included BTC recognized as private currency, and this legal state in Germany is unique.

9# Hong Kong

Hong Kong is still considered a territory of China. Even though Chinses CCP has banned Crypto in mainland China. Under Hong Kong Finance law, currently, no specific legislation is aimed at restricting cryptocurrencies. However, According to the Finance ministry, Crypto may consider as security. So, based on the legal states for Crypto, travelers can exchange some crypto without facing any tax obligation in the country. 

  10# Malaysia

Under Maylasian finance law, Crypto considers foreign currencies, general currency exchange tax applied, and no Capital gain.  

11# Malta – Crypto Tax-Free Countries

All cryptocurrencies are legal in the island nation Malta. The Parliament passed modernized digital assets legal framework, targeting blockchain and future digitalization of the island nation. The individual crypto transaction is free of taxes, business, and day trading, still under capital gain. Molta, one of the best places in Europe for Leder technology and digital framework, made one of the go places for crypto business.   

12# Ukraine – Crypto Tax-Free Countries

Ukraine Exchange Link Here

Ukraine Crypto Exchanges

Ukraine is another place in Eastern Europe to exchange Crypto to USD. However, lack of league clarity and frameworks from Ukraine GOV. Surprisingly, Ukraine GOV is already testing its pilot central bank digital currency with the Stella blockchain development team. Moreover, some currency exchanges main streets of Kyiv city and a few other main cities like Odesa and Lviv excepting Crypto. But as a foreigner should practice higher digress of risk assessment.  

13# Singapore 

The latest crypto regulation was updated in 2020 by IRAS Businesses and services that choose to accept virtual currencies subjected as normalized income. However, all crypto-related transactions end up paying GST and free of Capital gain.  

14# Slovenia

Private traders and individual crypto holders are subjected to pay 10% income tax to exchange fiat money such as euro or USD. However, this tax rate does not apply to businesses.  

15#  Istanbul  

Istanbul Business Capital in Turkey, few crypto exchanges are offering BTC to USD. However, Turkey’s GOV has yet to pass legal frameworks and regulations for the digital assets class. As a result, all BTC transactions only charged foreign currency exchange tax rates under current law. 

Address: Gümüşsuyu, İnönü Cd. 47A, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

16# Kosovo

Kosovo GOV has nothing finalized legal states for crypto-assets and no transparent regulation to say that crypto transactions are illegal. However, an exchange like Coinsfera is doing business, and travelers can get cash out without obligation. 

17# Cuba 

Cuban Gov is moving to legalize BTC, and tax bills could be average tax income to attract overseas business. According to the official Gazette, a new crypto bill will be in Parliament soon.

18# Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best places for USA passport holders because the island nation does not follow USA Internal tax law nither FATCA since January 1st, 2020. Therefore, fewer tax benefits are only available for Rico residents only. However, you need to obtain Puerto Rico residency to enjoy tax exemption.  

  Acknowledgment: does not provide any investment advice or taxation obligation for the individual. Our blog shares knowledge for educational purposes only.   

In Summery 

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