Castles-Ireland – The Best Castles to Visit in Ireland

List of CASTLES-Ireland unknown. But officially it over 1000 around in Ireland from north to the South. Most of the ancient castles were built as a defensive mechanism by most powerful Irish families. There were many inventions from places like England.

Some of the castles were abandoned by those families over time. Somehow, left over of the glory of Irish heritage still waiting for travelers to the country. And tell us to know Irish history. I would like to list some of the best Castles-Ireland.

Castles-Ireland #1 Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle  Ireland

The iconic Irish vestige of Dunluce Castle bears witness to a long and violent history of the nation.
It first built on the tense coastal cliffs of north Ireland Antrim area by powerful MacQuillan family around 1500.
According to the written record of the Castle was built in 1513.
The Castle is enormous in size, and it has been modified by many leadership over time. I would say that for sure, my favourite place in Ireland.

Blarney #2


The Castle built almost six hundred years ago by one of Ireland’s a powerful family, Cormac MacCarthy generation, and it has been attracting attention from all over the world ever since. Since then, this popular attraction in Ireland has attracted millions of tourists to the country. Must see the place in Ireland.

Slane Castle #3

Slane Castle

The Castle is overlooking beautiful River Boyne, just a few kilometers upstream from Newgrange point and the site of the famous war Battle of the Boyne. Slane has built the middle of a large estate and the heart of Boyne River Valley. The whole place full of evergreen. The Castle is a perfect venue to host your wedding and function or dinner.

Carrickfergus #4

Carrickfergus Ireland

The Castle has been standing in Northern Ireland For more than 800 years as the chief defender of the future nation.
Carrickfergus situated north part of Ireland in the town of Carrickfergus in Antrim district, on the northern shore of Belfast Lough.
Remains of the Castle one of the best preserved ancient structures in Ireland.

Dublin Castle Ireland #5

Dublin Castle Ireland

The Castle is telling you the prouder history of Irish people.
Construction finalized in the early thirteenth century on one of the Viking settlement. The Castle was home to English administration as well as the later British empire. And nowadays, It is a major Irish government administrative complex and popular tourist attraction in Ireland.

Bunratty #6

Bunratty Castle

Irish iconic Bunratty. Travelers must place on the travel itinerary to Ireland.
The name has given after strategic battlement of river Raite. The Castle has been standing over 1000 years and defending the nation of Ireland from dodgy Viking. Magnificent value collection of medieval arts and types of furniture in the Castle.

Kilkenny Castle #7

Kilkenny Castle Ireland

One of the old building in Ireland can reflect long history of the nation and continuously occupying, it is Kilkenny Castle. Now, the Castle opens to tourists all year around.

Listed as one the best castles-Ireland. The Castle reconstituted 13-century structure. By the way, this defensive structure offers prouder Irish heritage to visitors, as well as the sizeable green park itself. Kilkenny Castle – Overlooks the River Nore.

Ashford #8

Ashford Castle Ireland

You will feel Royal sense when you enter through the massive stone gate of the Castle made 800 years ago.
The Castle proudly offers culinary art at dinning with rich Irish tradition. Luxury state art SPA with facilitated as one of the best hotels in the world.

Dunguaire #9

Dunguaire Ireland

Dunguaire Castle and its brighter history lie at the heart of Ireland’s belletristic preaching in the early 20th century in the nation.
It was built in 1520 by powerful the O’Hynes family on the spectacular picturesque coast of Galway Bay. The Castle reconstructed 16th-century tower house sits on rocky land on the shores of Galway Bay.
Travelers can enjoy excellent entertainment and provincially sourced food at the famous castle banquet.

King John’s Castle #10

King John's Castle Ireland

This stunning King John’s Castle brings to life over 800 years of exciting local Irish history.

Highlighted in the Castle

The blacksmith’s workshop complete with historical Irish industrial and agricultural tools and weapons to the flourishing portal entry
Visitors also can try on authentic outfits – 18th-century dresses or chainmail
armour and tunics.

Many Others

As I mentioned earlier, there 1000 of castles-Ireland. Some local Irish people believe some of below are legitimate in Ireland.
Ross Castle in Killarney National Park, Donegal Castle, Cahir Castle and Dromoland ( Manor Houses)

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