Visit Moscow, What to visit in Moscow? TOP 12 attractions must see once in your lifetime

Visit Moscow City was one of my biggest dream!

Visit Moscow Now? TOP 12 attractions. Visiting Russia, every traveler with a special feeling recalls a visit to Moscow — the capital of the largest country in the world.

A number of historical sites, museums, and just beautiful views in Moscow is beyond counting. At what places in Moscow you should pay attention in the first place, to visit the mother see was not in vain? Let’s get started!


Visit Moscow: Historical Landmarks!

Visit Moscow

Red square

What to visit in Moscow in the first place, so it is without a doubt, the Red square. This is a real priority and a symbol of Russian culture and history, one of the largest city squares in the world, the main attraction of Moscow and the center of attention of foreign filmmakers –  the Red square, the “heart” of the capital and the most popular item on the list for visits.

If you have not been to red square – you were in Moscow! The starting point for all tours of the historic center, there are major political meetings and the Victory parade, and around red square focused all the main temples, political and cultural centers of the capital of Russia.

Visit Moscow The Kremlin

Visit Moscow: The Kremlin

The next important landmark in Moscow – the Kremlin. It is an ancient fortress, in the Red Square, which served as a military shelter for the ancestors of modern muscovites.

Today, the Kremlin is a historical, cultural and political center of Russia – in his building works of the Russian Federation President and government agencies. However, the Kremlin’s territory is quite accessible – here you can listen to a fascinating tour and see a collection of ancient cathedrals, visit the Faceted Chamber and views of the Moscow River.


Visit Moscow the most famouseSt. Basil’s Cathedral

Come on, though do not have to go far. At the same Red Square in Moscow, it is impossible not to draw attention to the unique Orthodox church of St. Basil. He is well-known architectural monument of Russian Revival and always attracts attention not only of passers-by and visitors to the city, but also the attention of artists, filmmakers and poets.

The cathedral, built by order of Ivan the Terrible and his wooden original version bore the name of the Trinity, and received its current name thanks to the famous Holy-Holy fool,, and unusual dome of the cathedral symbolize the heavenly Jerusalem. The majestic landmark, which is undoubtedly worth seeing in Moscow.


Visit Moscow: Mausoleum

The historical significance of Lenin’s activities that has changed the course of Russian and world history, it is difficult to underestimate. To this day, the leader of the world revolution lies in the Mausoleum, as a symbol of a bygone Soviet era. To visit Lenin in Moscow in the embalmed condition, everyone can, you need to defend a huge turn, after passing the gate with an honour guard.


Tretyakov gallery

Art lovers should visit Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. This is the main art Museum of Moscow and one of the largest collections of Russian art in the world, the Tretyakov gallery was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by the merchant P. Tretyakov for the purpose of preservation of Russian cultural heritage. Today, the Museum complex includes several churches, museums and historical centers.

Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund

The largest collection of natural gold nuggets, jewels and precious metals, jewelry appeared in Moscow with Peter the Great, who ordered to form a collection of Russian natural jewels for the glory of Russia and for the benefit of succeeding generations. Unique exhibits – from the great crown of the Russian Empire to the largest diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, royal regalia and jewelry masterpieces of fishing – all amazing and remembered for a lifetime. And to see it all – you need to visit the Diamond Fund in Moscow.


Novodevichy Convent

Orthodox women’s monastery in Moscow draws attention to the architectural masterpieces of Russian Baroque. The current convent interesting lots of historically significant buildings – the Mariinsky chambers, the chambers of the Princess Sophia, a Church complex.


Visit Moscow: Sparrow hills park (Vorobyovy Gory)

Undoubtedly, every tourist will be interesting to see one of the most remarkable buildings in Moscow – Moscow State University, whose spire can be seen from afar due to its location on the Sparrow Hills. “Park “Vorobyovy Gory” is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow. It is located in the South-West of Moscow, on the right Bank of the Moscow river.

The name of this Park derives from the name of the merchant Vorobyov, whose seigniorial tenure were located in these places almost 500 years ago. Here is the gorgeous Trinity Cathedral, the remains archaeologists Dyakovo culture have been found, and is also located Vorobyevsky Palace – the former residence of the princes of Moscow.

Bolshoi Theatre

Visit Moscow: The most famous opera ballet in the world “The Bolshoi Theatre”

Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow – one of the oldest Russian theaters, founded in the XVIII century by Catherine the Great. Today, the theatre impresses with its high level of performance of all genres – from Opera to ballet, as well as a luxurious interior and a number of invited and always running the “stars” of music, song and dance.

Today ” Bolshoi theatre ” is a real international brand, a symbol of Russian culture and the collection of outstanding talent.. The Bolshoi theatre, provided by the company in 1856 Alexander the Second was one of the main tourist spots of Moscow, and the performances dream to visit all lovers of Opera and musical performances.

The contribution of the Bolshoi theatre for Russian history and culture is invaluable, for which the institution has repeatedly received the state award and the highest award. The contribution of the Bolshoi Theatre in Russian history and culture is invaluable and therefore the institution has repeatedly received the state award and the highest award.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior
Visit Moscow the largest Cathedral: Christ the Savior Cathedral, Assumption and Archangel Cathedral

In Moscow, a lot of Orthodox cathedrals with ancient history and diverse architecture, and each of them are worth to see. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior — the largest, was destroyed by the Bolsheviks, then restored to the old drawings, and became a symbol of religious revival in the country.

The assumption Cathedral is the landmark of the Kremlin, main Cathedral for service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, is also a place of pilgrimage of Orthodox Christians and of admiring fans of Russian architecture. Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin line of sights stands out for its marvelous frescos and Necropolis of the Moscow princes.

Bad apartment
“Bad apartment” on Bolshaya Sadovaya

“The master and Margarita” — the most famous work of Mikhail Bulgakov, has become a favourite and a reference book for many Russians.

All fans of this work is highly recommended in Moscow that very house, where he settled on the plot of the novel charming the representatives of the other world is a fair, but strict demon Woland, the cat Behemoth, mysterious, Hella, and Azazello and Koroviev. Here, in a bad apartment, took place the famous satanic ball, which the regulations of the majestic and beautiful Margarita, ready to make any sacrifice for her lover – a brilliant, but unrecognized Master.

Fans of the novel have long adorned the whole building and the neighborhood declarations of love to the heroes of books and professional guides are ready to spend an exciting walk with the literary-cultural commentary.


Visit Moscow-City

Moscow wasn’t built in a day, as sung in the famous song. During his long, thousand-year history, the capital was wood, and white stone, and has completed the period of Soviet architecture after the Imperial style… But over the last two decades, in a market economy, the capital has become a real business and the economic and political center with the appropriate monumental buildings.

Moscow-city is the impressive equivalent of the American Manhattan, which is still evolving and being built.


Those who had previously visited Moscow, when this luxury and scale of the skyscrapers, just don’t know the city – so modern and dynamic it has become. Elegant high-rise, cleaving the sky, a new highway and breathtaking ambitious projects – all worth seeing with your own eyes to assess the level of development of the modern Russian capital, to admire the Majesty of the ancient, but of such a progressive and vibrant city.

Traveler Hints to moscow, Now you know what to see in Moscow, but it is worth noting – this is only the main sights of the city. If you come here for a long time, you will not be bored for even a minute.


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