Train Travel is the Best Way to See West Coast of Sri Lanka from Colombo to the South of Island!

See Sri Lanka: Travelling by Trains in Sri Lanka

See Sri Lanka By Train 

There is something about Sri Lanka’s endless railway that makes it an unforgettable experience.

The magic atmosphere made by a unique smell, peasant discomfort and crowded wagons swinging from side to side and slowly biting into the surrounding landscape will thaw the heart of each traveller.

Oh, the landscape and all those jaw-dropping scenic views are undoubtedly the best part.

information for travel by train Sri Lanka

There are more than 1 500 kilometres of a railway across the island, including some of the most stunning routes in the world.

Therefore, it is a lot to chose from. Though the train ride coming from Colombo to Panadura is one of the shortest ones as Panadura is, the journey itself is a lovely and picturesque ride along the south-west part of Sri Lanka’s co

See Sri Lanka:  Beautiful west Cost of Sri Lanka

Even though it takes you only less than one hour to get to Panadura from Colombo by train, there is any place worth jumping off the moving Mount-Lavinia-Hotel-Sri-Lankavehicle for a while and taking a look and walk around.

In the very beginning of the train ride, you will be passing through a neighbouring city of Kollupitiya.

The district has highly multicultural aspects on every corner, packed with cosy restaurants and street markets including the main Kollupitiya Market offering everything from delicious food to handicrafts.

Apart from shopping, the National Museum definitely deserves your
visit as it is the largest museum in the whole country.

In case you decide to spent a night in one of the hotels or hostels, you might want also want to pay to visit the Cloud Red rooftop bar and be rewarded by a splendid panoramic view in return.

Antiquated nature of the Sri Lankan railway networkThe train doesn’t even manage to get to the full speed and you will be tempted to hop off again.

Bambalapitiya is the next Colombo’s neighbourhood directly by the Indian Ocean.

One of the major attractions is Majestic City, the large shopping mall offering a broad variety of options for how to spend your time shopping souvenirs, tea or clothes.

To make the best out of your afternoon, a cup of coffee and a light meal or a snack in the stylish Barefoot Garden Cafe will satisfy all your senses.

See Sri Lanka: Bambalapitiya

is followed by one of the largest suburbs in the Colombo area, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. This urban and mostly residential suburb is a place with a luxury hotel and beach resort called Mount Lavinia Hotel – a mansion built on the top of the promontory with a fantastic terrace with a swimming pool, overlooking the bay.

That is also the main reason for the hotel to be internationally praised for its perfect private beach area and some of the most beautiful stunning beachfront and Colombo’s skyline views.

Eventually, you will arrive in the final destination, Panadura. It is one of the larger towns in the
Western Province of Sri Lanka, around 30 km south from Colombo.

It is often known under its nickname „the revival day journey around Sri Lankatown of Buddhism“ with history connected to the Panadura Debate held back in 1862 which meant the beginning of the Buddhist revivalist movement in Sri Lanka.

Starting with locals-favourite Panadura beach, a great place to recharge your batteries and soak into sunshine rays, the whole town is a perfect destination for a weekend stay and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

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Written By Veronika Tomeckova 

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