Guraidhoo-Best privet Beaches - 32 Kilometers Away from the Capital

Guraidhoo is one of the inhabited islands south of Malé in the Thaa Atoll  Guraidhoo is one of the most developed islands in the Maldives, and is certainly the most developed island in the Thaa Atoll. The infrastructure and the development on the island serves as an example for the rest of the Maldives.

Guraidhoo serves as a trading post for the atoll, with a well developed port through which trade and transportation to Malé, as well as a variety of other atolls.  

The development on the island as well as the increasing population has lead to an increased demand for space.


In 2014, the government reclaimed more than 60 hectares of land from the west side of the island.

 The island hopes to continue its development and has set future goals of building an international airport, an international transit port, and an international yacht marina.  With these additions, the island would become the most developed island in the Maldives.  

What to Do:

Like most islands in the Maldives, it is the beaches that provide the primary attraction for visitors.  Guraidhoo is no exception. Guraidhoo 

The island is yet another tropical paradise with an abundance of white sand beaches and warm, turquoise water.


The island is located right next to reefs which allow beachgoers and divers to experience and observe the tropical marine life that the Maldives has to offer.

Whether you want to just lounge on the beach, take an occasional dip in the water, spend an afternoon snorkeling, or are a serious diver, the beaches at Guraidhoo can meet your needs.


 Additionally, since Guraidhoo is one of the most developed islands in the Maldives, it also has a number of other attractions that the other islands can offer.  There is international, as well as local and regional, fine dining.

There are also a number of Maldivian cultural attractions that will allow visitors to get a better idea of how citizens of the more populated areas in the Maldives live.

 Finally, visitors can make trips via ferry to the nearby picnic island, which is a little more remote and makes for an excellent day trip, especially for those spending a number of days in the area.  


GuraidhooGuraidhoo: Where to Stay

As the second most developed island in the Maldives, Guraidhoo has an abundance of accommodation options.

From hostels, to inns, to hotels, to resorts, Guraidhoo has something to meet you needs.

 In addition to that, self-service apartment rentals via sites like Airbnb, are options on Guraidhoo.

Many of the resorts or more upscale hotels on the island will provide guests with a number of services, whether they be charted fishing trips, various water sports, or other activities that might be of interest to a potential guest.

 If this is something you are interested in, you should check the different accommodation options and see what they do and do not offer.    



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