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Endless valleys and green pastures, epic mountain ranges and imposing vineries – that and so much more is Georgia. Place, where the old times left a spectacular mark and culture is preserved at its finest.

Georgia is a smaller country with very interesting location on the border / crossroad between the Eastern Europe and Western Asia (therefore Eurasia) and belongs to the region of Caucasus. It has the access to the Black Sea and is further bordered with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Russia.

The total area covered by Georgia is nearly 70 thousand square kilometres and it is home to a population of around 3.7 million people whose official language is Georgian. There is also several minor ethnic groups, mostly from the neighbouring states.


Georgian capital city is Tbilisi, which is also the largest one and where almost a half of the populations is situated.

Tbilisi has historically been an important centre for trade and culture. In the modern times, Georgia is a positively developing country with promptly growing economy (with yet quite low average income), but heading towards the western role model and trying to loosen its relationships with Russia.


The current territory of Georgia has gone through various eras and different kingdoms.

Massive empires had a power over the territory (including Mongols or the Ottoman Empire) and dominated Georgia. After being in alliance with the Russian Empire in the late 18th century, Georgia gained its first independence in 1917.

Being under invasion of Soviet Russians in 1921 and strongly influenced by Soviet Union, the final    freedom came in 1991 with the establishment of the Georgian Republic. Even in 90s, Georgia suffered from civil war and the economic situation wasn’t ideal. Nowadays, all is heading to better times, especially through number of democratic policies and reforms.


Georgian hospitality and delicious cuisine (including especially excellent wine) are major factors for every traveller to feel like home. The local cuisines has evolved over centuries and transformed into a masterpiece of traditional flavours being served on the Georgian table.

The Georgian landscape is a powerful combination of green valleys and mountains, ideal for hikers, bikers and all outdoor lovers. At some point, the opening scenery in front of you (offering stunning nature blessing and even more memorable sunsets) looks like painted on the canvas. That’s how surreal it feels like to be exploring Georgia.


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