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May be less explored but definitely extremely attractive. Armenia is proudly showing its raw natural beauty perfect for hiking or outdoor activities and charming history hidden in every single wall of many monasteries and historical sites. Armenia speaks for a true and unique adventure.

Armenia is a small country belonging to the Eurasian region, located in Western part of Asia. The Republic of Armenia is bordered by Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Capital city of Armenia is Yerevan.

Around 3 million people call Armenia their home (speaking Armenian as their official language) and the total area of the country covers little bit less than 30 000 square kilometres making Armenia a small spot on a map, however a big piece in history.


The history of the country is colourful. Between 3rd and early 4th century, the nation was actually the first to adopt Christianity and becoming first official Christian nation worldwide.

This fact and also the historical records are often connected with the cradle of civilization in this area.

Armenia was serving as kind of a buffer zone between West and East, being invaded by Persians and Arabs during 7th century.

Followed by another invasion by Turks in 11th century and Mongols in 13th century and eventually during the long period between 16th and 19th century, the nation, under the Ottoman and Iranian rule, has been repeatedly pushed and pulled.

The first bloody marks were although left in the 19th century when the massacre of thousands Armenians ordered by the Ottoman Empire’s Sultan.

The Armenian Genocide, Russian Revolution and many conflicts with neighbouring countries all meant bloody stains in the history. However, the modern independence of Armenia began in 1991 after the Soviet Union officially dissolved.


The whole county is divided into ten self-governing administrative provinces. The economic situation is highly dependent on foreign investment with agriculture playing an important role.

Armenia today is a landlocked country with continental climate meaning hot and dry summers and, on the other hand, cold winters usually bringing lot of snow.

Part of the area is covered by Armenian Highlands, creating some truly breathtaking sceneries. Especially the landscape is perfect for many hiking opportunities and the journey to Armenia can be as intense as traveling a bit down the history.

The routes can be tough to overcome but the unique final experience is more than rewarding.

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