Russia-Eurasia: Are Europe and Asia separate continents or a combined one? Eurasia is a continental landmass consisting of both Europe and Asia, just like the name reveals.

Russia-Eurasia is covering more than one third of the Earth’s total land area, Russia– Eurasia is one hell of a place containing around 70 % of the entire human population (with circa 5 billion people).

It is thus the largest one of all continents, representing the ground where the biggest amount of physical wealth worldwide can be found.


Focusing on countries, there is more than 90 countries on the area of this combined continent, including some island countries which are otherwise separate from the landmass (such as United Kingdom or Japan on the other side of the continent). Due to the non existence of any physical or natural separation between Europe and Asia, some parts of the world consider Eurasia as the official continent instead of recognising two separate ones.

The geographical division is given by the history, which pointed out a mountain range in the area approximately in between both parts.

Therefore the dividing line is given by the Ural Mountain chain stretching from the north part of Russia to the northwestern part of Kazakhstan, thus creating the conventional boundary despine not being a major mountain range at all (the highest peak is Mount Narodnaya with the elevation of 1 895 m).


The continent itself stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Pacific Ocean / Arctic Ocean in the east, which is also Russia’s easternmost point called Bering Strait.
The southern border is bounded by African continent, Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean on the Asian part. The northern border is then outlined by the Arctic Ocean, mostly represented by Russian territory and its border.

Speaking about Russia, being the largest country in the world, it is also clearly the largest country of the entire continent. For certain parts of the world, Eurasia – apart from being geographical term, also stands for Russian together with Ukraine and their integration into Europe economy and politics.


Eventually the concept for Russians themselves is little bit different. Since Russia occupied both Europe and Asia, the term Eurasia represents common geopolitical traits and climate as well as similar values.

This view is nowadays further developed and enhanced and the area of Eurasia consist of countries located between / or on the border of Europe and Asia, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Places in Russia/Eurasia

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