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Little piece of paradise in Southeast Asia where beaches are so irresistible and ocean views so breathtaking, that you will never want to leave. East Timor is an ultimate destination for both relaxing and adventurous holiday.

East Timor, sometimes also called Timor-Leste, is a country locate in Southeast Asia, specifically in the maritime part. It occupies the eastern portion of the island of Timor and also comprises several small nearby islands (Jaco, Antauro, Oecusse. The western portion of the island belongs to Indonesia, there it is the neighbouring country.

In total, the Democratic Republic of East Timor occupies an area of 15.4 thousand square kilometres and has a population of slightly more than one million people. There are two official languages, being Tetum and Portuguese, although English and Bahasa Indonesia are also widely spoken. On the top, there is a wide range of other indigenous languages spoken within the nation. The dominant religion is Christianity.


Capital city of East Timor is Dili, located on the northern coast, which is also the largest one and serves as the commercial centre and main port. East Timor is a sovereign state with growing, market economy and also a member of the United Nations, endeavouring to become part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.


The history of East Timor is tightly interlocked by Portugal (therefore the official Portuguese language) as it was occupied by this European country and declared a Portuguese territory during a long period starting in the 16th century and ending in 1975. Then Indonesia technically took over and declared East Timor its province. The occupation lasted till the end of the century (1999) and eventually, East Timor became independent and sovereign state in 2002.


East Timor is calling for exotic adventure.

The island’s landscape is a rugged and pure piece of nature with stunning ocean views from incredibly shaped reefs, picture perfect beaches with tranquil waters and frothy waves and marvellous underwater life.

The inland is decorated by unspoiled nature, high green mountains and mysterious hills inviting to a perfect hiking experience. Mountain villages and surrounding misty jungles promise a true adventurous journey.

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