UAE Travel Destinations

The United Arab Emirates is in a prime location between the East and the West, and is quickly becoming a major travel hub in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a highly desired location for many types of travellers, both business and leisure.  It is a very safe place to visit, and is considered one of the safest travel destinations in the Middle East. Located on the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula has approximately 819 miles of coastline along the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.  

There is a federation of seven emirates within the UAE, and it is a dynamic and diverse country. English is widely spoken, though Arabic is not, and several other languages are represented in the UAE.

There is a traditional culture, and a booming economy that opens the doors for luxury resorts, incredible shopping, and a building international exhibitions, sports and events scene.

Cultural tourism is promoted and many travellers are coming to enjoy sports and major entertainment events in Dubai. There is an evident mix of traditional Emirati culture with modern influences.

With one of the largest oil reserves in the world, the UAE’s healthcare, education, infrastructure, and travel industry has increased tremendously over the years. Alongside, Dubai has become a major international city with a notable aviation hub. It’s primary religion, and the official state religion, is Islam.

The culture has been widely influenced by East African, Persian and Indian cultural factors. Generally, both travellers may want to be familiar with cultural clothing practices and cover up while travelling in the UAE.

Traditional cuisine includes lamb and mutton, rice dishes, and seafood. Dishes are usually very flavorful, as a one pot concoction with several strong spices and leaves.

Tea and coffee are common beverages, and may sometimes be served with meals to aid digestion, often along with dates. Alcohol is widely available in Dubai, at restaurants and hotels, but each emirate has different license requirements.

Public transport and hiring cars are great options, and the new metro and tram are also helpful for getting around the UAE’s cities.

Distances within the country are relatively short. As roads are in good condition and the country is somewhat small, it is possible to travel by car around the country.

Though the dangerous desert may seem daunting for travellers, there are many magnificent natural destinations to see. Major destinations outside of the city, include sand dunes, beaches on the east coast, and archaeological sites. One of the largest sand dunes in the world is in the Liwa Oasis area, south of Abu Dhabi.

Snorkeling and diving is a wonderful way to enjoy the warm clean waters and white sand beaches of the East Coast of the UAE. There are also opportunities to take 4×4 and safari trips into the desert to experience the dunes.

The UAE is a wonderful starting point to venture into the Middle East, with its tax-free shopping, beautiful natural dunes, mountain, and beaches, and a welcoming and diverse culture.

Places in UAE Travel Destinations

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