Tunisia Travel Attractions

Desert kingdom bound by Sahara from one side and purest blue waters of Mediterranean Sea from the other. Tunisia is a sunny land with thousand differents aromas and the taste of an adventure!

Tunisia is a country situated on the very north of the African continent. Thanks to its location, the northernmost point of the country called Cape Angela is actually also the northernmost point of the entire Africa. This area is washed by the Mediterranean sea.

Furthermore, the Tunisian Republic, which is the official name, also borders with Libya and Algeria. It covers a total area of more than 165 thousand square kilometres, although the population of this country is only around 11 million people. Their official language is Arabic.

The capital city of Tunisia is called Tunis, which is also the reason for the name of the entire country. Tunis is the largest city and serves as a home to almost 3 million people (including the great metropolitan area).

Tunis is also the centre of attention for most of the country’s politics and economy, as well as business and trade. The Tunisian economy is steadily growing, experiencing a great development during last couple of years. It is the only fully democratised state within the Arab world. Last but not least.

Tunisian economy is mostly oriented in export, agriculture and tourism. Tunisia is for example a member of the Arab League, the African Union, the Group of 77 or the United Nations.


History of Tunisia dates back to the ancient times. Initially inhabited by people today known as Berbers, the larger migration period came during the 12th century BC.

Christianity was brought by Romans occupying the land since 146 BC till around eight hundred years later. Following the footsteps of Romans, Tunisia was also later ruled and occupied by Arabs and Ottomans, as well as France in the 19th century. The Tunisian Republic eventually gained its full independence in 1957.


Tunisia today offers a great blend of history and beautiful nature and landscape. Having a lovely coast of the Mediterranean sea is only one of the appeals for tourists.

The salty water also produce a great quality fish and seafood, contributing to the deliciousness of Tunisian cuisine.

Extreme nature showcasing the old way of living of the old inhabitants is simply showing the strong will of humans to survive in every condition.

The Sahara gates and sand dunes in the south of the country will simply leave you speechless. Last but not least, the culture full of traditions and colours  is so welcoming, that you will never want leave.


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