Qatar Travel Attractions

Glittering city which never sleeps on one side and the endless desert with burning sun heating over the misty sand on the other. Qatar is a piece of art and a true cultural treasure of the Arabic world.

Qatar is a country situated on the north of the Arabian Peninsula (occupying the Qatar Peninsula within), geographically belonging to the region of South West Asia.

The State of Qatar (as the official name says) shares a land border with Saudi Arabia and a maritime border with Bahrain, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, across the Persian Gulf. Qatar is a small country covering a total area of slightly more than 11 thousand square kilometres and has a population of more than 2 million people. The official language in the country is Arabic the national religion is Islam.

Qatar’s capital city and also the largest city in the country is Doha. Doha is an incredible metropolis where circa half of the population is situated.

The city of Doha with its impressive skyline lies on the Persian Gulf coast and it is one of the fastest growing cities worldwide, serving as the national economic centre and cultural hub. Qatar is a developed country with high income economy (mainly thanks to the great natural gas and oil reserves), a great human development, also having an eminent power within the Arab world.

Such a small state like Qatar used to be under a various rules over the past (including the Ottomans rule or the British Empire). The indisputable strategic position by the Persian Gulf has brought an importance of the territory and the nation  has served as a trading centre ever since the early era.

The independence of Qatar came in 1971, after the special treaty was negotiated with the United Kingdom.

Despite the small area, the country is an exciting place for visitors, especially thanks to the unique environment of the capital city. Bustling nightlife and spectacular skyline of the modern and fast growing metropolis is something that distinguishes Doha from any other city in the world.

Shopping opportunities and culinary treasures in world class restaurants are only some of the highlights of the unique capital. Apart from Doha, rich and colourful culture full of traditions is something that makes Qatar so charming. The sun over this Arabic finest destination shines brighter every day.

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