Sirince - Beautiful Hill Town Only 8 km Selçuk - Warm Busy Tourism Months

Şirince is a beautiful traditional hill town only 8 km east of Selçuk in Turkey

Sirince – Located approximately 10 km east of Selcuk is the idyllic hill-town of Sirince.

The place was originally named Cirkince, meaning ‘ugly’, as a defense mechanism against foreigners and overcrowding.


Today, Sirince’s name reflects a more appropriate image and means ‘pretty’. Originally an Orthodox village, the town has kept lots of its Greek history and a restored Orthodox church can be found in a beautiful courtyard.

Sirince is most recognized in Turkey for its natural oils and wine, so if you do decide to visit here, be sure to take in some of the town’s famous wine while you enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

This town is becoming more recognized as a ‘hidden gem’, so weekdays would be the best time to visit to avoid the chance of running into tourists.



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