Slowinski National Park - Slowinski National Park on the Baltic Coast of Poland

More than 30 kilometers of coastline, rare animal species and shifting white-sand dunes like from another world will make you feel like being on a completely different continent. However, this and much more is what offers the Polish north

Slowinski National Park equals 32 kilometers of coastline situated in the north of Poland, when the land meets the Baltic Sea. What used to be a Baltic Sea bay has transformed into sand dunes thanks to the sea’s activity. The sand dunes today shape a terrific landscape of the national park.

Due to the wind, the dunes are shifting and slowly moving up to 10 metres per year, which reveals the fossils and remains of the vegetation once growing there. Interesting fact about the dunes is that some of them are reaching the respectable height of around 30 – 40 metres above the sea level.

Slowinski National Park – North of the saltwater Łebsko Lake, Łącka Dune has beautiful views of the Baltic Sea

The whole process of sand movement is caused by the wind blowing mostly from the west, translocating the sand material. The biggest movements due to the strongest wind activity and humidity is usually done during the winter period of the year.

Slowinski National Park, Baltic CoastApart from the sand dunes, the 55% of the park itself is also occupied by water. This is represented by the lakes  Łebsko, Gardno and Dolgie Wielkie and multiple rivers crossing the area of the park. Around 80% of the park’s wooded areas are made up by pine trees and those forests are home to many rare animal and bird species.

Slowinski National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reservation and requires certain level of protection.

Tourists are allowed in all year long from dawn till dusk and only tourists routes can be used. During the period from 1st May till 30th September there is an entrance fee (starting at 6.00 ZL for regular 1-day entrance), and extra fees are charged for entering come areas of the park as well. In general, tourists activity is regulated and allowed (camping, dogs, parking, water sports) only within special areas designed for its purpose.

Some of the attractions and services provided in the park are for example bike rental, lake cruise, ethnographic museum / skansen, canoe or paddle boat rental, the Lighthouse in Czołpino or the Rocket Launcher military exhibition.

The park is also intertwined by more than 140 kilometers of walking trails (including for instance the 36 kilometers long Coastal Track). There are several accommodation facilities and tourist bases (including hotels and campsites) in the direct surrounding of the park.     

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