Masurian Lake District - Natural Wonders of Our Planet

Paradise for watersports- and nature-lovers. That and much more is the so called „land of a thousand lakes“ in the north-eastern part of Poland

The Great Masurian Lake District should belong to one of the natural wonders of our planet. The “Kraina Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich“ is a part of Polish land containing more than 2 000 lakes, all connected by number of canals and rivers creating complex system of waterways. The biggest lakes are Lake Lake Śniardwy and Lake Mamry and the entire Lakeland shaped by a glacier more than 10 000 years ago today covers an area of about 52 000 square kilometers.

The area (Masurian Lake District ) is considered a top tourist destination, serving as a special place for canoeists and boat-lovers.

Thanks to the broad variety of possibilities, accommodation facilities and large surrounding forests, it is a true paradise for outdoor holiday. Sport activities connected to water include sailing, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming or fishing. The pristine nature around is a pleasant getaway for hikers and also those who enjoy biking or horse riding.


This popular vacation spot actually belongs to one of the most famous lake district in Central and Eastern Europe and welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

You will enjoy the Masurian region even when you don’t belong to sport- lovers – especially thanks to the wildlife including 11 nature reserves (such as for instance the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Łuknajno Lake) within the region with many trekking trails waiting to be explored.

The best choice for accommodation in the region is in close-by towns of Giżycko and Mikołajki, Węgorzewo or Ełk. The area is, however, covered by campsites and comfortable guesthouses. Bear in mind that summer months of July and August might be a little challenge in finding vacancies, since that is when the main season hits the area and everyone simply wants to enjoy their unforgettable holiday there.

Why, Masurian Lakes:

are well connected by rivers and canals to form a sophisticated system of waterways. The entire area has become a prime destination for specialized holidaymakers such as yachts people and canoeists, and is also popular among anglers, hikers, bikers and nature-lovers. Any boating Sailing  enthusiasts  worth their eyes on it,  should makes Masuria their first port of call


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