Mt Esja - Perfect Place for Hiking or Trail Running

Mt Esja. The city mountain of Capital of Iceland. The Esja: is a volcanic mountain range that is easily accessible from the capital and has scenic hiking trails

There are enchanting views of Mt Esja from throughout the city, and the views from theMt-Esja-2 mountain looking out on the city and surrounding area are even more incredible. Hikers will enjoy scenic views on their way up the mountainside. 



 The Þverfellshorn trail head is a 20 minute drive to the north of Reykjavik, and is known as a “city mountain”. At the beginning of the trail there is a small café on one side. On that same side, walk down about 150 meters to a beautiful creek that is full of birds.

This trail climbs slightly steeper and goes through a swamp land. The forest land, summer flowers, and scenery around the trail are a stunning glimpse of the mystical nature that Iceland has to offer.

Hikers should note that there are slippery rocky surfaces during ice meltdown season towards the top of the Mt Esja.



There is another path which is less steep, and a longer route to reach the “Steinn”, or stone.  

The “Steinn” marks the major vista point on the mountain, which stands at 545 meters. This vista point offers views of the capital, Mosfellsbaer, and the spectacular fjord. From that point, many hikers Mt-esja4choose to sign the guestbook and loop back to the beginning.

Experienced hikers can continue the more difficult final stretch of the climb up to Þverfellshorn peak, which stands at 780 meters. The natural scenery of this amazing volcanic range is enchantingly beautiful.

How to Get There: 


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