Your adventure is waiting. be swept away by brave  pleasure of an exciting abventure at the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines

Skywalk extreme is one of the attractions inside the Sky Experience Adventures, an amusement park located at Cebu. It will give you the opportunity to walk around the glass flooring of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers with a safety harness on a 126.55 meters high above the ground.

SkyWalk ExtremeIt will make you feel like you are flying because of the height where you are in, and it is the first SkyWalk Extreme in the Philippines that is why everyone wants to experience it.

Expect to see a beautiful scenic view whether you start your adventure in the morning or night time. It is open daily, the entrance fee for students is Php 200.00 per person and Php 250.00 for adults.

If you want to experience many attraction here at the Sky Experience Adventures, you can mix your entrance fee with a combo package filled with different kind of rides ranging from Php 400 to Php 650 for students and Php 550 to Php 1,000 for adults per person it is up to the 37th to the 38th floor of the Hotel, you can buy your tickets for your access and rides at the 19th floor Sky Lounge and at the ticket counters on the 37th to 38th floor..

When you are tired and hungry after the activity, dine with an amazing view at Sparkz Restobar an International Dinner Buffet that is open every night at 6pm to 10pm. In this adventure, your fear of heights will vanish and be replaced by enjoyment.

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