Loboc River Cruise - Best River Cruise to Enjoy Local Life

Loboc River Cruise, it is one of the major and popular tourist destinations of Bohol

Loboc River Cruise is famous for its chocolate hills and tarsiers. It is one of the main travel destinations in the Visayan part of the Philippines. However, aside from the chocolate hills and tarsier, The Loboc River Cruise is a one of a kind experience you should not miss out.

It is not just your ordinary cruise, since cruising in this river will give you serenity and a feeling of getting in touch with nature. Tourists, both local and international, always include the Loboc river on their itinerary.

The Loboc River Cruise embarks at the historical Loboc church with a variety of boats with stores and restaurants.

The cruise starts usually with a buffet lunch that is why the peak hour is during lunchtime. Different cuisines are offered during the buffet lunch. While eating on the boat, you will pass along the view of the river. You will be also served a fresh fruit juice or a shake.

What makes the cruise so special is not just the scenery and the sumptuous buffet, but also the singers on board that will serenade travellers while cruising. It takes an hour to complete the Loboc river cruising experience.

This floating restaurant is composed of two boats connected by a platform that serves as the floor for dining for guests on a cruise.

The platform is specifically designed to provide a perfect floating restaurant experience. You will get a flawless view and no AC is needed. From Tagbilaran Airport it will take you around 30 minutes to reach Loboc river by car.

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