Pamilican Island Dolphin - Whale Watching - Travel Tourism Guide

The Home and Playground of the Whales and Dolphins

 Pamilican Island – it is located at Barangay Pamilacan, Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines. It is a small island about 23kilometress east of Balicasag. What to do Pamilican Island ? There are lots of things that you can do. You can Snorkel at the fish sanctuary and rent a boat, because only paddle boats are allowed inside.

There is a museum called the Makeshift Whaling Museum where you can see the leftovers from whale and dolphin hunters. You can freely swim and discover the beauty of Pamilican Island and the most famous activity here is the Dolphin Watching. Tours where Pamilacan Island Dolphin and Whale Watching are offered by the Organization.

Pamilacan’s name was obtained from the word “Pilak” for silver which they use to capture marine life and which is now prohibited. It is said that this place is the home and playground for the Whales and Dolphins, and that is why they ban the capturing of these beautiful creatures since the year 1992. This action was passed down from generations to generations to preserve and protect the nature’s blessing until now.

The boats used in the trip can hold up to four to seven people, it is rare to see these creatures because they are not common year round.

That is why you should make sure that you visit here on the month of February to July to have a worthy adventure. Enjoy the fact that these beautiful creatures exist in this place.

Pamilacan-Island-ResortThere are lots of accommodation facilities to choose from in this place and all of them provide meals so that you do not have to move to another place just to eat.

From 5pm to Midnight is the only time duration where the electricity functions.

Some example of the accommodation is the Nita’s Nipa Huts. It is a very affordable and recommended option. There are double rooms with a scenic view where the water’s edge is in the perfect position for sightseeing.

Pamilican Island Tourist Inn and Restaurant plus the Paradise Hotel and Bohol Beach Club are a 3 star hotels offering classic restaurant and a popular style kind of rooms.

The Tours had a lot of different packages that you could choose from: Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour, Bohol Countryside Tour, Dolphin and Whale Watching plus Island Hopping Tour and a Combination of all. If you want to relax after the adventurous day with a peaceful setting, you can go to Pamilican Island Tourist Inn with an Outdoor Massage.

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How to get here? If you travel from Manila, you can reach this place by Manila to Tagbilaran flights. From the Airport, ride a tricycle to Baclayon or you can ride a taxi or a jeepney. From Cebu there are also daily boat trips to Tagbilaran.

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