Hundred Islands White Sand Beach Holiday In Philippine

Hundred Islands is the most wonderful National Park in the Philippines situated in the city of Alaminos, province of Pangasinan

According to the ancient people, the Hundred Islands are composed of different places that are called Devil’s Island and Kissing Island. People also believe that Hundred Islands are some of the oldest islands in the Philippines, which means over two million years old.

The place is very near to Metro Manila as it takes about three hours bus trip. Many tourists love this place because of its beautiful view and the dominant blue-green colours of the water.

 hundred islands TourismThere are some activities that you can do while you are on vacation in this island such as clam up in Bolo Beach, try all different kinds of local specialities made from shellfish which come cheap and fresh.

From all of these, you can, for instance, get a bucket of clams for less than 100php. Stay under the radar, explore the secret of Camantiles Island and the lagoon shell beach. Minimize your carbon footprint and visit ChildrIslandsland and Governor’s island. Island hopping in Governors island and Marcos Island is popular too.

Do beach camping and bumming and explore the beautiful caves in the island such as the Nalsoc Cave which is rich in draperies and stalactites.

The island provides cottages made of nipa huts where your family can do some BBQ. They serve delectable seafood. They also offer tents for you to stay overnight on the island.

It is available for rentals for only 400 php. So travelers, don’t miss out on visiting this place as it is full of beautiful spots and will surely bring you happy memories and adventures. Surely you can relax and chill because it’s a very nice place to unwind.

Hundred Island National park is home to many beautiful crystal clear beaches and it is one of the most touristic destination in Philippines.

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