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Traditional Asian culture and landscape mixed with multicultural and cosmopolitan bustling metropolis. Malaysia has many flavour. But regardless of which one is your favourite, the pleasure is inevitable.

Malaysia is a country located in the region of South East Asia. It consists of two separate regions: one situated on the Peninsular Malaysia and the second on the north part of Borneo Island. Both of them are size- equal. The first mentioned has a land border with Thailand and official maritime borders with Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The East Part of the country shares a border with Brunei and Indonesia and also the maritime one with Vietnam and Philippines. The total area of Malaysia covers around 330 thousand square kilometres and the Malaysian population reaches 31 million people. Their official language is Bahasa Malaysia, although (in mostly urban areas), English is also widely recognised and spoken. The official religion in Malaysia is Sunni Islam, while the freedom of religion for non-Muslims exists.


The nation capital city and also the largest and most populous is Kuala Lumpur. Although, there is also the administrative capital which is the city of Putrajaya. The multicultural and multiethnic face of Malaysia is indisputable. It is also a country with great contraries. Compared to Asia, it is one of the most developed and largest market economies, focused on tourism, science, medical tourism and commerce.


With roots in Malay Kingdom and history tangled with the British Empire during the 18th century, the nation has a colourful past. The independence of Malaya came in 1948, followed by unification with North Borneo (and also Singapore and Sarawak) in 1963. Singapore was then excluded from this group.

Today, Malaysia is a melting pot for many ethnic groups including Chinese, Indians and plenty of others.


Malaysian beauty is hidden in its versatility and diversity. The fertile paddy fields and misty tea plantations, smaller tribes and charming village life, jungles and lush forests covering respectable mountain peaks and hills – that all belongs to one face of Malaysia.

All while the second is a vibrant and modern cities, multicultural cuisine and culture, breathtaking architecture and temples or simply the unique city of Kuala Lumpur itself. It state with two faces and it’s pretty presumable that you will love both.

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