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Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places in South East Asia Indonesia is composed of many attractions, which are the reason why plenty of travelers love to come back to this place all over again and want to visit all beautiful and miracle tourist spots this country has to offer. These are for instance the Lake Toba which can be found in the island of Sumatra, a gigantic volcanic lake that was formed by a huge a volcanic eruption.

Indonesia is a dominant island country (group of Islands) in Southeast Asia with an estimated population over 255 million people. During the Pre-historical era the Indonesian archipelago was occupied by Homo-Erectus also known as Java Man.

In 4th-5th century the Hinduism and Mahayana lived in Indonesia. The Indian Ocean enlarged their trades under southern India during the Pallava Dynasty.


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, It is also composed of 34 Provinces, 5 of which have its own special legislative status.

  In the 7th century the Indonesian Archipelago was an important trade region. Indonesia is the country known outside in the academic world. Suwardi Suryaningrat is the first indonesian scholar (Ki Hajar Dewantara). He adopted the political expressions from the Netherlands.


This country is a tourist retreat. There is number of beautiful spots to see in this country that attract and catch eye of many travellers from all over the world.

Why most travelers dream to come to this country? Is it because it differs from other countries and because of its beauty when it comes to tourist spots? Yes! The tourist spots around the country definitely provide traveller-hints-@-Indonasiasatisfaction to every tourists.

The Baliem Valley gives you a glance of stone-age world, this nature wonder it can be seen in New Guinea. Borobudur is well known as the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Visitors are going there to pray and to take pictures as their souvenirs.

Have you ever eaten Indonesian food? if not, come and visit this country, because when it comes to food you will never regret spending any amount of time and money.

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They serve delicious and exotic foods like Garang Asem or known as ASAM for short, it is the best dish from central Java.

This food consist of many herbs and it is also a very healthy food. You can’t see this kind of food in any other country and some of the main ingredients are very difficult to find because it is located outside of South-East Asia.

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