Saint Philippe Travel Tourism - The Oldest Harbour

Saint Philippe is Considered the “capital city of the Sud Sauvage”, with its lush vegetation, the “route des laves” and its quaint village

Saint Philippe harbour is one of the oldest of the island. It has kept its authentic and traditional fishing harbour aspect used only by the inhabitants of the community.

Cap méchant, along the torn coast, beaten by the swell and typical of the “wild south”.

It’s the reaction of the lava against the sea that makes this particular formation in Saint Philippe.

Further, at “Le Baril”, you will find the “puit des anglais” (the well of the english). Built in the early 19th century, this well had for aim to collect water running from the volcano’s slopes. According to the legend, it was named after a rumour saying that English who were occupying on Reunion island at that time, have hidden a treasure at the bottom of this well.

The name « Le Baril » comes from the fact that this coast was a pirates’ lair who hid their loots in rum barrels. Lastly, Le Baril is where the only seawater swimming pool of the island.

Saint Philippe

Keeping East from Le Baril and towards the city of Saint Philippe the Mare Longue forest is a unique tropical primary forest. Miraculously saved (only 7% of its original superficy left),walk  in the first biological reserve of the island, following a beautiful trail where boards will give you plenty of information.

In the middle of it, you can visit the “jardin des parfums et des épices” (perfumes and spices garden) where more than 1500 species grows.
“Le Tremblet” located on the coastline along the “route des laves” is the perfect place for a stroll with the family. There you can also discover a deserted beach, and following that beach, you will soon reach the meeting point between the sea and the 2007 lava flow.

Admire the lush green vegetation, and in time of rain, waterfalls along the cliff which give the green color of the cliff giving the name “green beach”


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