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Saint Joseph, a rough diamond in a green frame

Saint Joseph  is located on the extreme south end of the island of La Reunion. As such, it features the southernmost point of the European Union. being part of what locals call “Sud sauvage” (wild south) the main attractions are nature-oriented.

Located a bit before the city of Saint Joseph (coming from Saint Pierre), Manapany-Les-Bains remains quite picturesque and relatively untouched.

The bay of Manapany is more for walking than swimming as sharks are frequently seen around. the only area where swimming is authorised is the natural pool defined by black rocks in the South of the bay.

Along the Langevin river you can find the Grand galet waterfall. It is probably the most beautiful waterfall of the island. this area is a very favoured destination for the traditional Reunionese’s Sunday picnic. For your information, the road to reach the waterfall is quite long, and parts of it are windy and narrow.

The waterfall is located in a tight curve in a steep slope. From time to time, the road is closed due to rockfall risks, especially during the rainy season.


When coming back from the Grand galet waterfall, the “Trou Noir” waterfall worths a stop both for the landscape and for the swim (if you are not scared of cold water…) back on the coast, “ti sable” is a beach that not many tourists and even Reunioneses know (except for the people living in Saint Joseph).

It is a cute little cove, with a black-sand-beach, where you can relax, picnic and take pictures. a lovely path gives you the opportunity to admire the ocean from the cliffs.

However do not go swimming or try to reach the other coves. Swimming is not allowed as currents are very strong. Last point, if you go along the cliff, do not walk to close of the edge.

Further South, in Vincendo, you will find “Cap jaune” (yellow cape). As the name suggests, the cape has a yellowish color due to the contact of the lava with the ocean. it is roughly 50 meters high. the trail to go there starts at “La Marine de Vincendo”, under vacoa trees.

it is an easy walk of approximately 30 minutes along the coast to reach the cape. another trail which can be dangerous leads to the foot of Cap Jaune.

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