South Asia/India

Train Travel is the Best Way to See West Coast of Sri Lanka from Colombo to the South of Island!

See Sri Lanka By Train  There is something about Sri Lanka’s endless railway that makes it an unforgettable experience. The magic atmosphere made by a unique smell, peasant discomfort and crowded wagons swinging from side to side and slowly biting into the surrounding landscape will thaw the heart of each traveller. Oh, the landscape and all those jaw dropping scenic …

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Volunteering in India: Travel the world free! Experience its multiple faces – culturally rich, colourful and diverse nation on the planet!

Volunteering in India, embarking on the road less travelled, stepping out of your comfort zone and plunging into a world unknown can be quite daunting but from my experience, it can definitely prove rewarding. It is a chance to test your inner strength, to test the boundaries you have set for yourself, to bring yourself closer to your truth, to …

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Trains in Sri Lanka – Best Way to Travel Around Sri Lanka By Trains

Travel By Train Sri Lanka Information and travel destinations Tips  Sri Lanka is a beautiful travel destination, safe, friendly and remarkably hassle-free.  Taking the train is a great & inexpensive way to get around the country. The Train Sri Lanka journeys are real cultural experiences and the most scenic routes will be highlights of your visit. In particular the wonderful …

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