Beautiful Waterfalls In Sri Lanka! How to find Hidden Gems in Island Paradise

Island Paradise of the Indian Ocean known as the best travel destination of the year!

With Beautiful Waterfalls, great tropical climate and stunning beauty of nature, Sri Lanka is a great place for any type of travellers. 


Beautiful Waterfalls: Bambarakanda Falls: is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, measuring 263m, making it the 299th highest waterfall in the world. It is located in the Badulla District of Kaluphana.

Just 5km off of the A4, Sri Lanka’s main highway, this waterfall is a must-see.

The falls were formed by Kuda Oye, a tributary of the Walawe River and are situated among a thriving pine tree forest.

There are breathtaking views from the small pool at the base, where travelers can bathe and admire the views.


Dunhinda Falls: This is noted to be one of the most beautiful falls in Sri Lanka, and is steeped in history.

Its name translates to ‘spraying vapour waterfall’, which is true to the misty nature of this 63-meter high fall. Located in a beautifully lush area, it can be reached from Badulla in the province of Uva.

Beautiful Waterfalls: Diyaluma Falls

Is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, at 220m high. Named for its rapid water flow, these falls have a



narrow yet fast water flow, and picturesque towering appearance. It is located near Koslanda in the Badulla district.

St. Clair’s Falls: also known as the “Little Niagra of Sri Lanka”, is one of the widest waterfalls in the country.  “Maha Ella”, meaning “The Greater Fall” (Sinhalese), is 80m high and 50m wide, with rock layers and a large pool.

The falls are along the Hatton-Talawakele Highway in Nuwara Eliya District and can be reached by car.

The best views are from the viewing gallery, especially for photographers, and there are also great views from the road. Located in a beautiful, scenic tea plantation, the views at St. Clair’s Falls are a stunning spectacle of nature.

sri lanan waterfalls  Beautiful Waterfalls: Bopath Ella

 Due to its location near the capital, bathing opportunities and local myths associated with the falls, Bopath Ella is a well-studied waterfall and popular place for travellers and locals alike.

This is a great area for hikes with a beautiful virgin forest and the towers of rock that form the leaf-shaped falls.

These cascading falls may hide an ancient treasure trove as the legend goes. However, they are also said to be haunted so keep your wits about you in case of the appearance of the ghost that may haunt this waterfall.

Beautiful Waterfalls: The Ravana Falls: has a distinctive wild appearance and curvature.

Namedtropical waterfalls in Sri lanka for the legendary king Ravana, the falls are a part of a historic legend along with the famous Ravana Ella Cave, another attraction of the area.

This captivating sanctuary offers an opportunity to engage in ancient history and incredible natural wildlife.

Devon Falls: is formed by Kothmale Oya, a part of the Mahaweli River, and is located off the A7 highway between Thalawakele and Hatton.

It is strikingly tall and scenic, with many viewpoints off the highway.

The falls is beautifully situated nearby tea plantations and surrounded by trees and foliage.

This is a site for photographers and travellers looking to enjoy tea in a stunning setting.


Baker’s Falls: is powerful yet small at 20m tall, with 2 drops. It is located near a fabulous World’s End in Horton Plains National Park.

It is well worth the trek to visit the falls, and will surely be an adventure in nature.

Bathing is prohibited and given the tremendous pound of the water, which echoes through the park, swimming is not recommended.

Elgin Falls: is 18km outside of Nuwara on the Elgin tea estate, named for a city in Scotland.

While there are several routes to reach the falls, all involve a mildly strenuous trek through the jungle.

The abundance of green trees complements the wild beauty of the falls and makes this a picturesque destination.

 Beautiful Waterfalls: Laxapana Falls: Located in Nuwara Eliya at the base of a mountain range and born of the Maskeli River, this is one of the



famous and popular waterfalls of Sri Lanka. The fall is part of many legends and is said to have numerous hidden natural caves, making it an incredibly intriguing place to explore. This young fall is in an iron rock setting for which it is named.

Viewers will be enchanted by the rolling mist at the base, as well as the stunning view of the Laxapana valley, the waterfall’s surrounding slopes. Though it can also be viewed from Adams Peak, it is recommended to visit the falls to relax in one of the flat rock pools at the waterfall’s base.

Ramboda Falls:  is located between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya on the A5 highway. The natural beauty of the area is impressive, boasting rich biodiversity. This is a beautiful place to explore as you admire the powerful roar of Sri Lanka’s 11th highest waterfall.

Aberdeen Fall: is backed by a huge stone compound, situated in a rich forest setting, and stands at a notable 98m.

This is a stunning waterfall in the Nuwara Eliya District. Trek from the Ambatale Road and proceed with caution in the wild terrain as there are leeches and snakes.

There has been a decrease in the water volume since the construction of a dam, but the flow continues unless there is a severe drought.


Rathna Ella: is a gorgeous waterfall with an important connection to the village for which it is



This booming 101m high fall supplies water essential to the local agriculture, paddy cultivation.

Hikers will encounter incredible dense jungle and rich biodiversity with a scenic field and mountainous backdrop.

Legends say vessels of gems are hidden within the waterfall, but local lore account bad luck awaits anyone who goes searching for them. This is a top destination of the Kandy region of Sri Lanka.

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