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Relaxation: Try a yoga or meditation session on an uncrowded, pristine white sandy beach. Kick back, relax and sip on a rum infused coconut whilst basking in the sun. Savour the delights of Fresh lobster, mud crab, tiger prawns and snapper on a seafood platter with a French wine! Later, meander around markets and shops, stopping off at exclusive cafes and boutique restaurants at your discretion- with no time constraints. Cruise around botanical gardens and places of heritage and admire quaint communities caught in a lapse of time.

For the adventurous, try scuba diving and become qualified to wreck dive- visit mysterious old ghost ships and discover treasure, or your appetite for adventure... learn to rock climb, kayak, and hike to take you off the beaten track into the harsh embrace and see the beauty of mother nature. Learn to survive and thrive away from the mundane nine till five, and appreciate the bear necessities of life.

Feel New culture: While on your vacation Intrigue with both similarities and differences among new cultures and your customs.

Family: For the more family orientated, visit the plethora of resorts in Florida- Disneyland, Busch Gardens, MGM studios and a lot of water parks and maximise joy with your love one.


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Visit lakes, tundra, forests, mountains and glaciers on environmentally sustainable eco-tours to contribute and preserve our planet.